onsdag 4 maj 2011

10. Left scar bothers me

My left scar bothers me a little bit. First I thought it was simply swollen but now I think that the implant is "sinking" too far down, so under the scar which wouldn't be good because my breasts need to "create" a new breast line and I'd love to have two similar lines, haha. But well, let's be patient.

I tried one of my favorite bras and I think if I'm lucky I might be able to wear it when my boobies are "finished".

tisdag 3 maj 2011

9. Day 5 and how I massage

Much easier to get up today so I guess it's getting better :D
Went by buss today and can't really say that I did enjoy the ride. Damn it, that hurt! Where the hell did the driver get his license!!!!

Anyway...time for some pictures. My boobs are getting a bit softer, especially the right one. The left breast is still a bit disabled :(
No, not really that bad.

Mirror-perspective! The right one is the left one and the other way around ;)

My right breast is becoming rounder but it's just been 5 days so PATIENCE!

Massage 1: I put my hand under my breast to support it while I push down the implant with my other hand, but of course, not to rough!

Massage 2: I use both hands and put them under/next to the lower part of my breast and press against my rib cage/ upwards but softly, not too hard.

Well, I guess that's it for today. So far so good, no inflammation or any other strange things happening. Knocking on wood constantly!

söndag 1 maj 2011

8. Day 4

Couldn't really sleep at night. Find it hard to sleep on my back, got really stiff after a while. In the morning it felt as if my breast muscles above the upper half of the implants cramped. Guess I have to massage and move more. Today is supposed to be the first day without my "stronger" meds. Now I have to take Tradil instead of OxyNorm. Tradil is a lighter painkiller helps your muscles to relax. But I'm still allowed to take the stronger pills in case I'm in real pain.

The scar under my left breast is still more swollen than the one under my right breast and now I spotted a red spot next to the right scar as well but I don't feel any pain.

Well, it's pretty early in the morning and I feel tired so I guess I'll try to catch up with some sleep :)

7. Feel-Good Stuff and Massage

Thanks to Danny I really have a great time recovering. In the morning she helps me out of bed (and I really recommend you to sleep on the sofa the first few days or in a bed which is not too soft!), she prepares breakfast and other meals and supplies me with tea and sweets (which I don't want to eat due to the fact that I can't work out and I don't wanna role home ;) )

Here some feel-good food that really helps you to get back on your feet.

1. WATER: drink a lot, don't forget that you take lots of meds and it'll help you liver and kidneys to detox and get rid of the toxics. Well, and it obviously helps your body to heal faster. Avoid alcohol, sugary drinks and juice that is not natural so freshly pressed juice without additional sugar is better.

2. Fruits and veggies: I love Avocados! They are even supposed to boost you immune system.

First things my "breast-neighbor" Ulrika and I got after surgery was: some apple slices, half a banana, a yoghurt and water. Later that evening we could even get coffee, tea, juice, sandwiches and other fruits but I couldn't really eat that much. Well, my appetite came back after I'd puked. As I already said: you have to move to get your circulation going after surgery. It even makes you feel better the next day.

Today's dinner: potato-califlower soufflé and tex-mex filled peppers. 

Desert: curd cheese with chocolate chips and a truffle, DELISH!


Now about massaging your breasts after surgery (second day for my part). I have to do it three times a day and I wait until my meds have kicked in because after getting out of bed they hurt and you really don't want to press and push around there.

One thing I don't really like is the picture I got from Anders. Looks like the girl's breast haven't gone through recent surgery so it looks much easier for her to do the "exercises" but I find it hard, especially the part were you have to pull up the skin over your nipple and then press down your breast muscle. Almost feels as if your scar is going to burst so I rather take it slow. But I have to admit that it works and today is only day 3 after surgery. My breast don't feel as sore, firm and tight as they did yesterday.

Do you have any suggestions about this topic?

6. Day 3

Still hard to get up but thanks to Danny, who is a very close friend and where I stay at the moment, it's possible and painful to get out of bed. I thought my tummy muscles would help but obviously you can't activate those without activating you breast muscles... ouch!

Went for my first walk today. Only 20 minutes but it felt as if I had two big stones taped to my chest. Everything feels really tight and as if it's about to explode but I guess that's normal?

The scar on my left breast is kind of swollen but doesn't hurt. My right breast on the other hand hurts much more but I think that's because of my muscle being more trained than the left one. And I do use the right arm more. Maybe about time to switch?

Here some more pictures, but remember! The implants are still high up and will go down (sink) but it takes time.

AND PATIENCE! (but who is patient when it comes to your own boobies :P)

Bruises everywhere but that's normal. I think the most painful thing is my rib cage, at least at the moment.

You can see that the implant is high up but that will change :)

5. Pictures

Time for some pictures!

This is the room were I spent the night. Cosy :)

My flat chest after the doctor had doodled a surgery map, haha.

After surgery, same day (29/4)

Today, 1/5. My bikini fits but I'll have to take some pictures of my bare breasts so that you can see how high the implants are sitting, which hopefully will go away.

4. After-care instructions

I will only make a list with the things I am supposed to do and supposed to avoid.

to do:

1. Massage three times a day
2. Wear a soft bra or supportive tank top
3. Take the meds
4. Shower
5. Move around but don't exercise during the first week and don't work out your upper body until the fourth week
6. Just take pills that your doctor tells you to take, if you know you react allergic to anything, tell him

to avoid:

1. taking a bath or swimming as long as the stitches haven't been removed
2. sunbath (first 3 weeks)
3. cover up the scars with surgical tape (up to six month)
4. no push-up bra the first 3 - 6 month